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At Waaps Nagwaadm we are all about worship and community.  We believe that worship transcends the here and now and that it extends in to every area of our lives.  We believe that we learn best how to Worship God through relationship in community.  Here are some of our regular events that aid you in loving, “… the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” and loving, “… your neighbour as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37,39)


Join us online or in-person for Bible Study every Wednesday at 7:00pm.




10:30am Join us for freshly brewed coffee (or bring your own)

11:00am Service in-person only.

7:00 pm In-person and streaming to the Tsim Genx Network online.



Join us Weekends in-person for regular service Sunday morning at 11:00am.  Our Tsim Genx service streams Saturdays @ 7:00pm or you can join us in-person.  Our Facebook page involves regular updates about any changes to the usual schedule so be sure to check that out.


Connecting with people is an essential human need.  We want to help meet that need through our weekend celebration services and mid-week events.  Gathering together is the natural response to Jesus' saving work in our lives, so consider joining us for one of our services.


Here's  a look at what's ahead

Skee-Nass Camps PosterBrochure 2024_edit
Skee-Nass Camps 2024

We are so excited for this year's camp season.  Starting July 1- 6 we will have our kids camp for ages 8-12 followed up by Teen Camp, July 6-11 for ages 12-16.  We could still use a few more volunteers, if you feel God leading you that way.

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